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The Pavilion at Weatherly

The Pavilion at Weatherly  is Maryland's Premiere Waterfront Wedding Venue, offering stunning, picturesque 180-degree views of the Potomac River.

This exquisite location faces the sunset and more than 500 feet of waterfront shoreline, and with a staff renowned for its commitment to excellence, having your Ceremony and Reception or special event at The Pavilion at Weatherly will ensure that you and your guests enjoy a day that you'll remember for a lifetime.

Located just one hour outside of Washington, DC, Weatherly is at once both secluded and serene, and yet easily accessible.

Why choose The Pavilion at Weatherly for your memorable day?

The Pavilion at Weatherly's  Waterfront Wedding and Event Venue's unique features make it the Mid-Atlantic's #1 wedding and event venue, and here's why:

Waterfront views

The property features a 180° view of the Potomac River, which comes compliments of the more than 500 ft. of waterfront property, accented by a long pier dock.

Picturesque Sunsets

Weatherly's secluded waterfront area faces the sunset, and offers the promise of a stunning sunset view every evening, a backdrop for beautiful photographs of the descending sun, especially along the pier, which perfectly aligns with the sunset.

Impeccable Service

Our staff are completely and fully committed to your satisfaction. No matter how beautiful the venue, your experience is only as good as the service you receive. At Weatherly, you’ll receive unparalleled service and will be treated like family.

Unspoiled Grounds

The Pavilion at Weatherly is built on 25 acres of private farmland, with a wide variety of different views. Unique photo opportunities inside the Pavilion, the beach, the pier, the four story Georgian Colonial home, or the quarter-mile long driveway lined with sugar maple trees.

"This place is amazing!!  Denise and her family are awesome people who hold great events here.  Not to mention, it is beautiful!"

—  Aubrey P.

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